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Your Big List of Dos and Don’ts: Make Money on Social Media with Adult Dating Posts

Getting Engagement - FrankTraxWhen you’re on the hunt to maximize your engagement and expand your reach, you probably have one big thing in mind… your conversion rates. For online marketers and brand ambassadors, this focus on converting more leads is perfectly natural. After all, your conversion rate is the lifeblood of your profit. This is true whether you want to make money on social media or anywhere online, for that matter.

And beyond all the marketing theory or trendy buzzwords, you’re probably also searching for real-life tips that work—that really work. You probably know exactly what we mean… those tried-and-true pieces of advice that are actionable and boost your earnings per click. In short, you need straightforward rules of the road that can help your conversion rate right now. So after you’ve read our articles on topics like the fundamentals of social media monetization and tools to aid your journey, you’re ready for more.

And in this big list of tips, we’re going to bring you exactly those sorts of pointers. Because adult dating posts provide some perfect examples, and they’re an incredible way to make money online, we’ll be focusing our attention on how to supercharge these posts for peak performance.

A Word about Using Clickbait to Make Money on Social Media

In recent years, a phenomenon has swept across the Internet, but not for the better. What could this negative development be? Clickbait. If you’re not familiar with this term yet, you’ve probably still seen some of it online yourself. Put simply, clickbait is content that purposefully hides information from users in an attempt to get them to click through. It’s a surefire way not to make money on social media posts.

Using Facebook for Adult Dating Posts - FrankTraxAnd because users are learning to recognize it, Facebook is cracking down on this type of content. While even veteran marketers have been lured into using clickbait, over time it leads to worse outcomes, as your audience realizes that they’ve been tricked. Our tips today center on avoiding the use of clickbait, but also on encouraging engagement and increasing conversions.

Don’t use photos of celebrities or famous models

If you use images that have well-known people in them, your audience will be leery to click through. Even if they do, they’ll quickly discover that that celebrity or model isn’t there, which will cause them to avoid you in the future.

Do include an image or video of real everyday girls to spike interest

Instead, aim to use visual content that has naturally attractive, genuine-looking girls in it. This brings authenticity and engagement.

Don’t stuff your post with links

Wouldn’t double the links lead to double the results? You might think so, but really, placing more than one link in your post can confuse your audience.

Do post a single, relevant link on occasion

Research has shown that marketing with a single action not only increases click-throughs, but gives rise to far more sales. This means that using a single link embedded in your call-to-action has far more potential than multiple links. Still, don’t feel like you have to post a link every time or else your adult dating posts might feel a bit phony.

Don’t use too much slang in your posts

While you want to sound friendly and casual in your adult dating posts, using too much slang can cause a reader to become disconnected. This is because slang is often not universally used across groups.

Using Emoji on Social Media Posts - FrankTraxDo use an emoji

However, now that the Internet has reached so far into people’s lives, emoji are nearly universal. Plus, a happy face, winky face, or other emoji can make your adult dating posts feel more natural and fun. Need one more reason? Professional marketers even use emoji to increase their conversions.

Don’t generate post fatigue in your audience

Post fatigue is when a brand posts so much that their followers get sick of interacting and start tuning out their messages. This can lead to lower interactions and more difficulty being able to make money on social media.

Do have a regular posting schedule and some bonuses

How often should you post? The Franktrax team recommends posting no more than every 3 or 4 hours, concentrating on primetimes between 6pm and 2am EST in the United States. For huge potential, don’t forget to be spontaneous occasionally also by having a post outside your schedule. This creates a feeling of surprise and interest in your followers.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

Just like using an image of a celebrity or famous model, making false promises can create distrust in your audience. Over the long run, you’ll see reduced profit-potential and it will be far more difficult to make money on social media this way.

Asking questions of your audience - FranktraxDo ask your audience questions

However, throwing in a question or two when you create an adult dating post is incredibly engaging. Because your audience feels compelled to answer, they’re more likely to interact, which can lead to further opportunities to expand your conversion rate.

Don’t skip proofreading of your posts

Social media users are astonishingly sensitive whether or not grammar and spelling are correct. Ensuring that your adult dating posts have both is an essential step to driving up those conversion rates even more

Do use proper grammar, but keep content casual

Even though you want to use good grammar and correct spelling, you can still keep your tone casual and friendly. Marketing pros even agree that this is an important way to make your posts relatable and conversational.Tips for Adult Dating Posts - Franktrax

Don’t fill your posts with exclamation points and all-capital sentences

You might see posts online that use ten exclamation points in a row or entire sentences in all capital letters. Even though it might seem like this creates excitement, many users recognize it as trying too hard and a sign that someone is trying to sell them something they don’t need.

Do sprinkle in enthusiasm and excitement

At the same time, you still want your adult dating posts to be… well, fun. Use words that inspire interest and catch your audience’s attention. You can also use psychological triggers like curiosity for impressive conversion rates. Plus, you can even sprinkle in a word or two in all-caps for good effect, since it will catch a reader’s attention without going too far.

Don’t post content that’s amazingly long

There’s plenty of research across all types of social media channels to show that long posts just don’t work. Long paragraphs, or worse yet, multiple paragraphs, in an adult dating post can result in diminished interest in your content.

Do keep your adult dating posts short and on-point

So what is the ideal length for adult dating posts? While the answer differs depending on who you ask, we recommend using content that’s no more than 35 to 65 words long. This is short enough to be scanned easily and is flexible enough to use on other channels if necessary.

Adult Dating Posts to Make Money on Social Media - FrankTraxDon’t post content that violates a site’s terms

When you want to make money on social media, you want to be familiar with the site’s terms and conditions. In most cases, a few guidelines can be helpful, and probably the most important for us is to use content that isn’t overly explicit or illegal. Doing so can cause your post to be removed, or worse, get your account banned.

Do go with sexy for your adult dating posts

Go for attractive, alluring, and sexy images and content for your posts. This way, you draw your audience in with something that beckons them, but without breaking any rules.

Now that you’re armed with our big list of dos and don’ts, you’re ready to step up your conversion rate even more to make money on social media. Have a tip or trick you think we should know about? Leave us a comment and share it with us!


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