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Master the art of banner ads

We see them every day when we surf on the world wide web and we have come to forget how valuable they can actually be. Banner Ads. We do not bother with them as much as we used to – after all, there are many more appealing advertising options that are more intrusive and eye catching. As banner ads have slowly been replaced by their more complex contestants visible in apps, so has their successful outreach faded. Yet, according to Google Media Labs 82% of their Tier 1 Campaigns came through by banners!

So how do weadidas bring them back into that shining light? It is not as difficult as it seems. Much in contrast actually, some key factors of how to create successful banner ads will bring you back to the very basics of marketing itself. The strong upside of banner ads is their simplicity. They are easily built and are as easily financed, in addition to being highly effective in raising awareness and attention. On the other hand, they can be misleading in actual clicks they get you and it is very easy to misplace the banner in the wrong website or section thereof.

What to do? Easy. Do your research. Spend time on targeting your banner ads properly and their results will be outstanding – nobody places a billboard advertising sand in a desert, right? Assuming you have done your research and found that golden sweet spot for your banner you are also safe to assume that you can get into detail of what you are advertising.

Spend time on targeting your banner ads

Get specific about the creative strategy you are embedding in your banner! Now that you have found the right place to sell your sand, tell them what features your sand contains, show them it is great. You have it outlined in front of you crystal clear where you are going to advertise and what exactly you want to show our click-stacking consumers, on to the visuals!

One of the most basic and also the part that we all struggle with maybe even the most is the catchiness. Spend time on making that Banner as compelling as possible without going overboard. Simple but clean. Your main focus here is the product itself and its name. Once you have the user’s attention he will read the description – our brains are wired to do so. Animate your banner, make use of signature brand traits and colors. Black sand in an hourglass catches attention doesn’t it? So will your banner.

Make it catchy!

Yet the black sand in the hourglass alone will not quite cut it on its own. There is something missing to complete the picture, and that something has to do its job in that very short time frame given to us by the wonderfully catchy banner we created. That something is the message. Your message should be short and to the point. It has to come across in that ~ 5 second window (oh aren’t our clickers busy people…), could you imagine having to wait for the black sand to finally collect itself in one section of the hourglass? Not unless you live in Colorado… On to the final stage of Banner Ads!

Banner ads

After shedding blood, sweat and tears you have made it. You have created the ultimate banner. You have placed the banner where you have the best balance between specified and high traffic. Those who see your banner have their jaw drop to the ground. And your message? Martin Luther King Jr. could not have said it better – you piqued the clickers interest, sparked his passions to make him do the irrational, you made him give you the one click to rule them all! Drunk with victory you stand but you shall fall to the ring if you do not have the right follow-up to keep you from temptations untold. There is nothing more frustrating than having wasted one’s precious 5 seconds only to be disappointed with a lousy and chaotic click-frenzy that leads you everywhere but where you anticipated. Pay great attention to what your actual aim with the banner is! You are aiming for a lander that is truly matching what the ad offers and not just an empty click.

For some inspiration, check out the 50 most creative online banner ads.

Good luck on refurbishing the internet with your on-point banners!

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