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Tools to help you keep you Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers engaged

Being engaged with your social media followers is a job that’s becoming harder and harder. Organic reach is pretty much out of the picture but with persistence and hard work, it’s still possible to engage users without paid promotion. However, nobody could be stuck on their device 24/7 to create and schedule posts regularly in order to achieve the desired outcome of organic reach. For the purpose, there are various online tools to assist us during the process. Still, you should be willing to pay a small price in order to improve the effective management of your page. Even though the tools I’ll introduce today are paid, they are totally worth the price. Positive results are guaranteed for a minimum effort, which pays out in the end. Here are my suggestions.


fptFPTraffic is responsible for almost 2 billion likes on Facebook pages managed with the tool. Its functions are mainly scheduling and finding photos. The photo search function allows you to browse numerous sources and then by a simple click on the chosen one you add it to your queue. Consequently, scheduling posts is very quick and convenient. Moreover, in FPTraffic you could add unlimited amount of pages and schedule unlimited amount of posts. The latter are saved in the account for the purpose of reposting. Additionally to the tools, every member gets an access to guides on how to build and grow their Facebook page. It’s a package worth the try.


rewstWith the help of Rewst you’ll get more followers and better engagement on Twitter. One of the strategies Rewst is using for growing Twitter accounts is “Copy followers”, which makes it easy for you to find the users who will be most interested in your content. Once Rewst finds these users, it gets you going on following them and them following you back. Results are visible in a few days only. If you decide to try out the tool you’ll enjoy another benefit. Rewst finds all of your inactive followers or non-followers, allowing you to unfollow them and make room for new followers.


Instamate is a very unique tool, which has surprisingly useful functions that will make any Insta-page manager’s life easier. As we all know, Instagram is a phone app that could be only managed through mobile devices, making it quite difficult for scheduling, browsing and updating posts.


Organizing such processes is much easier on computer but that was never possible… until Instamate was created. The software finds the most viral content suitable for your channel, lets you schedule it, finds the most viral hashtags for your posts and allows you to add multiple accounts. All that is one click away on your computer, not mobile device. It’s quite the deal and it will help you grow your fans in no time.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the fastest growing social media platforms and they’re still the leaders in the industry. The three tools described above are a great opportunity for all social media managers working with these platforms to improve the efficiency of their engagement with followers. Why not try them out? It might as well work out for you.

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